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Classy Wedding Photography With a Difference

M y name is Kasia and it’s my passion to make your event (most especially, your wedding) a day to remember. My mission as a photographer is to break new grounds and attain new heights, with every wedding and session covered. Your wedding day should be a day that leaves a lasting memory. It should etch itself into the minds of everyone that gets the opportunity to flip through your wedding album and photo collections for years afterwards. This is classy wedding photography with a difference.


But how did it all begin?

Iam sure that you are very curious to know the genesis of my passion for the camera and specifically wedding photography. The journey all began when I became employed as a sales assistant in a photographic shop immediately after my college days. I quickly developed a high level of enthusiasm for photography, which allowed me to quickly learn all the studio work and other dynamics of photography. Even though all this was in the days of analogue machines, those vital skills would later form the bedrock of a glittering career in digital wedding photography.

F ast forward now to a few years later, I had become a graduate of marketing in Poland and working in three well-equipped photographic studios. I am fully digital now although being who I am, I never forget my roots as I keep a nice collection of film cameras.

Having moved to the other side of Europe (to my beautiful Bournemouth) is making photography all the more interesting and enjoyable for me. I cherish every moment I love to be a part of people’s lives by capturing their most important events and putting that big smile on their faces.

Lastly, here are some little details about me that may be of interest to you.

  • I’ve been working in the photographic industry for half of my life
  • I have a collection of over 70 vintage cameras
  • My photographic studio is my oasis
  • Simple Minds and Gary Howard are on my playlist
  • I enjoy rough and tumble with my 2 beautiful daughters
  • I love skiing, hiking and aerobics
  • I can cook dinner from nothing (my partner says!)
Whether you are looking to do a romantic pre-wedding shoot on the beach, or you want to capture the most romantic moments of your wedding day – I have got you covered. With my experience both technical and organisational, you can rest assured that all the important moments on your ‘big day’ will be meticulously documented.

Take the next few minutes to browse through my wedding portfolio as I hope you will find a good collection of shoots that will impress you.

Feel free to contact me as I would personally love to answer every one of your questions.

Want to see what sort of session I can do for you?

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